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UCLA Office of the Dean of Students

Who Should Report Hazing?

YOU SHOULD! If you witness a hazing incident or if you are hazed, you are responsible for making sure you report the incident. Hazing affects all of us! Our Greek Community suffers when any organization chooses to haze. Don’t think that because your chapter doesn’t haze you aren’t involved. If you’re not part of the solution…you’re part of the problem!

How To Report Hazing

All members of the UCLA community are responsible for ensuring that UCLA remains free from hazing. You can help by doing the following:

  • Before joining any group/organization at UCLA, be certain that you and the organization’s leadership have signed a statement in support of maintaining the dignity and respect of all community members, pledging not to accept or engage in hazing.
  • If you believe that you have been asked to participate in an activity that may be considered hazing, please contact the UCLA administrator responsible for the organization (coach, advisor, coordinator, staff /faculty member). A careful evaluation of the activity can be made to ensure its appropriateness.
  • To make an anonymous report of hazing, contact the Center for Student Programming at

UCLA students can report hazing to any University Administration:

UCPD: (310) 825-1491; 601 Westwood Plaza

Dean of Students Office: (310) 825-3871; 1206 Murphy Hall

Center for Student Programming : 105 Kerckhoff Hall

ORL Staff