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UCLA Office of the Dean of Students
Think twice about downloading and sharing documents.

The Think Twice campaign was developed to dissuade students from downloading and sharing copyrighted digital entertainment without permission from the rights holder protected by US copyright law. The campaign is a series of posted messages, including flyers, screen displays, poster art, and table tents conveying various messages about the harm and potential consequences students face if found in violation.

As an internet service provider UCLA is required by federal law (1998 Digital Millenium Copyright Act) to investigate complaints to the University where computer address(es) noted in the complaint point to campus computing devices used by or registered to UCLA students. These complaints can become become judicial matters with the Office of the Dean of Students, and UCLA students have been suspended for "stealing" music tracks, TV shows, movies, and video games.

Administrative offices and academic units are encouraged to link to, replicate, print, and display Think Twice messages throughout the academic year in areas where UCLA students congregate. Below are links to various Think Twice messages. We suggest changing to a different message every two weeks, then repeat throughout the academic year. Please use in an appropriate manner.


Think Twice (red)
Be Aware! (blue)
File Sharing Risks (purple)
Quiz (turquoise)
Saving $1.29 could cost you (green)
Why Risk it? (blk/white)
Why UCLA Cares (turquoise)


Be Aware (black on white)
Min. Fed. Penalty (black on yellow)
Why Risk It? (white on red)
Be Aware (white on black)
One-Two Punch (white on black)
Think Twice (white on blue)